Almont District Library

Artist of the Month

Meet February's Artist of the Month!

Each month, the Almont District Library partners with a local artist to showcase their talents and offer their products for sale. This month, Tetyana Solomko is displaying and selling her handmade Ukrainian Motanka dolls!

Here's what Tetyana had to say about her Motanka dolls: "In Ukrainian culture, Motanka are a symbol of fertility, abundance, and a protective talisman for the family...Motanka dolls personify the unity of family ties of many generations. The doll is created from pieces of fabric, ribbons, and colorful threads. The general appearance of such dolls is human-like. Traditionally, the dolls did not have expressions. On the heads of some, a cross was embroidered or intertwined with threads - an ancient symbol of the sun for ancient Slavs. The Motanka doll is the embodiment of female societal status, celebrating wisdom, and an inner call to protect."

All her dolls were carefully handcrafted to help preserve and revive the traditional craft. There are several unique dolls to choose from at $50 each. Tetyana's dolls will be displayed through February. Come check them out and support a local artist!