Almont District Library

Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library.
Patron Code of Conduct

To ensure that all patrons are able to use the facilities of the library, the Library Board of Trustees has adopted the following Patron Code of Conduct:

Patrons shall respect the rights of other patrons. Patrons shall not behave in a manner that can be reasonably expected to disturb or harass other patrons. Examples may include (but not limited to):

  • Noisy or boisterous activities;
  • Staring at another patron with the intent to annoy that person;
  • Following another person about the building with the intent to annoy that person;
  • Playing audio equipment so that others can hear it;
  • Singing or talking loudly;
  • displaying print or non-print materials of an offensive nature to others.

Patrons will not be admitted to the building while wearing any wheeled footgear (roller blades, skateboards, or scooters).

Patrons shall not consume food or use tobacco products in the library (beverages are allowed in library approved containers).

Patrons shall not engage in any illegal activity while in the library.

Patrons shall not interfere with library employees' performance of their duties.

Patrons shall not deface or mar library materials, furniture, or other library property.

Patrons are not allowed to bring animals into the library, except for service dogs.

Patrons shall not use the bathrooms for bathing purposes.

Patrons shall not remove library materials from the library unless the material has been checked out on a valid library card. Patrons shall be responsible for any fines or fees due in accordance with library circulation regulations. Failure to pay these fines will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

Any patron not abiding by the library rules may be required to leave the library property. Library employees will contact the Almont Police Department if necessary.