Almont District Library

SRP 2024 Performance Descriptions

Cameron Zvara:

Join us for an afternoon of FUN with Comedy Magician & Entertainer- Cameron Zvara! Cameron's show is filled with mind blowing magic, comedy, juggling, music, and TONS of audience participation. You do not want to miss out!

Audrey Allison - Storytellers:

Working as a solo-artist this year, Ms. Audrey will continue to bring her uncanny multi-voiced style and humor to your library. With over 30 years of experience providing enjoyable, educational and entertaining performances, Ms. Audrey will have your patrons singing, dancing and asking for more. 

Oh the Places You’ll Go
: This concert features a delightful blend of adventurous and heartwarming stories, beautiful music, a bit of humor and some very fascinating musical instruments from around the world. Selected stories emphasize love, safety, hard work, perseverance, honesty and adventure. "OH, The Places You’ll Go was the last book ever published under Dr. Seuss’ name. I will also select stories from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, performed with musical accompaniment. The children's program would not be complete without “The Reading Dance “, which allows everyone to get up dance reciting a promise to “Keep Reading “. This presentation will be fun, humorous and of course, it will highlight strong family values throughout! All stories will be told with Audrey’s uncanny multi-voiced, animated style. Children and youth will be encouraged to play all instruments that we bring… no one is left out! As always, we will conclude each show with our upbeat Summer Reading Dance – A Wonderful Chance for Everyone to Get Up and Move!

Genot "Winter Elk" Picor:

Stories, Songs & Dances of the Mighty Inland Seas: Genot “Winter Elk” Picor takes his audience on a journey throughout the five Great Lakes. Come sail aboard a schooner. Learn to paddle a canoe. Let’s sing a shanty about Niagara Falls, or The Soo. We’ll learn the legends of Lake Superior’s Water Panther and Why the Wind Always Comes Before the Storm. We can dance to the Michigan Polka and the Joys of Quebec. There’s a little something for everyone. This 45- minute program is best suited for ages 7 and up.

Don & Karen Snoeyink - Thornapple Woodlands:

Program contents and communication style will reflect the age of the audience. Children ages 6 and up are fascinated by our programs. Teen/Tweens enjoy our programs for style and content. Adult only programs are highly acclaimed.

Honey Bee Adventures: Learn the three types of bees in a hive and their respective roles. Witness the life cycle of the honey bee and how bees gather nectar from flowers and turn it into honey. Understand how honey is harvested and why it is used for more than just putting on toast. Find answers to questions like, “how do bees pollinate?” and “what is the importance of pollination for our food supply?” All this and more in an entertaining and educational presentation performed by Thornapple Woodlands, LLC beekeeper/presenter, Don Snoeyink, who loves speaking about honey bees.
• Taste “the nectar of the gods” - honey direct from our hives.
• Make a hand rolled beeswax candle to take home and enjoy.
• View live honey bees in the safe, controlled environment of an observation hive.

Mark Crilley - Graphic Artist :
Teen Program 13+

Calling All Artists: Mark Crilley's How to Draw Manga & Graphic Novels Workshop: In this fast-paced, fun and informative workshop, published graphic novelist Mark Crilley shows those in attendance the tricks of the trade by way of three-to-four tutorials. Everything is presented at an easel, where Crilley leads library patrons in step-by-step, easy-to-follow lessons. No material items are required from the library, as Crilley brings everything needed, including paper and pencils for the attendees. Many of the lessons are tailored specifically to those in attendance, with the content of the lesson created on the spot, based on the suggestions of the patrons.

Sloan Museum of Discovery: 

Space Explorer! Audience 4-12 year olds. Ready for an out-of-this world adventure? Explore the Solar System while making a soar energy detector, a beautiful moon phase project, a planet necklace, and other fun hands-on activities.

Science Alive:

Science Alive, the hands-on science education organization, has long established itself at the forefront of Michigan's educational resources. Through personalized, interactive presentations with live reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals, Science Alive brings the study of science to life.